My journey in Borneo

I almost.

I almost forgot that I have a blog to update, then.. it has been a year I did not log in into this account to continue my writing here.

Lol, siapa pernah kisah pun HAHAHA .

but I am sincerely thankful for those who really waiting for my update after my matriculation life. So this is it. ( and I am deeply sorry for making this too late, because yeah I am super duper good in procrastination. And….at its finest.)

2017-03-09 10.35.49 1.jpg

I am now in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah pursuing degree in Conservation Biology in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). This course will take 4 years to complete, which means I will graduate in 2020, InsyaAllah ( Let’s pray that everything will be fine through out my studies). Now my life is far away from home. It is far, but not too far away until you can’t go back home for Raya heh. ( Oh yeah, I still fly back home once a month. So don’t worry, I am not going to stay here forever 😛 ) Many people had asked me,

Q-‘Eh kau tak takut ke duduk jauh- jauh? Seberang laut sana tu. Susah kau nak balik’

A- Ala..What is the thing that I have to be afraid of? Afraid of taking new opportunities? To see what the other side of my world looks like? For me, this is the time to see and experience something new. But, when it comes to family, comfort foods, homesickness etc etc.. I got my heart torn apart too. At first it is not easy to fit in quickly in new place, getting new friends and new food! ( yeah ini penting sekali hehe) Luckily I got some nice friends to help me out through the journey. What I always said to myself, ‘dey, everybody is struggling too. It is not just about you’. Realizing the reality, I need to keep my head up and embrace the new life here in Borneo. Oh also got airport. Ini bukan pergi masuk Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup yang tak boleh balik balik lagi hehehe.

Q-‘Ni pilihan UPU kau yang ke berapa ni?’

A- UMS adalah pilihan UPU yang pertama dan kursus yang sama juga. Ataaaaaaas sekali tu. No regret, and I am happy, Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Tuhan beri, dan setiap manusia itu sudah tertulis rezeki masing- masing 🙂 **Suddenly I remembered the reactions of people around me when knowing that I am going to politeknik after SPM, instead going for Foundation or Matriculation. Scary, and I am terrified, annoyed with those judgemental people.**

and the most headbanging question..

Q-‘Bukan Sabah sana belajar atas pokok ke? Pergi kelas kau naik sampan lah ni?’

A-Oh. My. God. Seriously awak? Alhamdulillah setakat ini pergi kelas naik bas lagi. Tidak pula saya ke kelas naik sampan, mengayuh berpeluh peluh. Kalau saya jumpa buaya, saya suruh dia ngap awak! Dan.. dewan kuliah semua elok terletak atas tanah, besar lagi, ber-aircond pula. Kot ya pun nak bergurau hehe. So here got too many shopping malls in just one district. Ex: Imago ( just like KL Times Square), 1 Borneo, Centerpoint, Oceanus..and many more! For transportation, Uber and Grab Car are active here in KK. Tedalah sia pigi kelas naik sampan, kadang- kadang adalah juga sia pigi kelas naik tu Grabcar, banyak promo code lagi..murah seja tuh! ( am I sounds funny? XD)

So basically, being here gives me more chances to travel and experiencing to do something different from activities I usually do in Peninsular. Get to know and study other cultures, foods and language here are always exciting for me and my friends everyday. So.. let me share some pictures ( because I just finished all my idea to continue)

Amazing scenery at our research centre, Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation or ITBC in UMS.
We looooove to take selfies! Maafkan muka swag Syu XD
Seafood @ Tanjung Aru. Seriously cheap and delicious seafood!
At Pekan Nabalu, on our way to Kundasang. That’s a huge pineapple back there.
Enjoy every moments
At Sg. Tagal, Kg Luanti got big fishes that can bite your stubborness away 😛                            Wiveca seems so excited and brave!
Zi Shan, one of my housemates is rying to be friendly with the fishes.
I still can hear the sound of this beautiful stream
Desa Cattle ala- ala New Zealand. But it’s raining so we can’t see the Gunung Kinabalu 😦
Bolehlah nampak sipi- sipi.
Dinner with our Spanish lecturer, Profe Consuelo.
With kids from SMK Sikuati, Kudat.
Tip of the Borneo!
Calm and mesmerizing
With our new attraction, Tagas. The first Borneo elephant skeleton is here at ITBC.
Tanjung Aru’s evening scenery. Credit to: Ridzuan.

I hope this is enough for now. And I will keep updating my journey here in Borneo. Adios!


My happy Sunday

When Sunday become sooo boring and it is too hot to stay outdoor..and Mama kinda missing her grandchildren, so we visited Angah and Abang Man with their two daughters, Amal Sufi and Amal Awatif in Segamat.

We rarely visit them as life is getting hectic lately. Before that, we went shopping for colouring books and sets of colouring pencils for them. As an aunt, I’m truly excited that Sufi will go to school next year! (eventhough she’ll going for kindergarten only) Haha, silly me.


We have no picture of Awatif because she was busy crying and keep ignoring us. Then we have to leave early at 6 pm to avoid traffic jam on Seremban-Nilai highway *sobs* Imma sad auntie 😦


Reached home at 9 pm and I received an image from Angah the next morning.

Semangat betul Sufi ni!

You make me a proud auntie, Sufi!

I honestly feels that she’ll going to be a great person one day. She’s smart, zany and talkative. Lol, I mean soooo talkative kind of kid.

Angah once told me that Sufi will always said ‘ Sabar Mummy..’ with her cute smile whenever Angah is angry to her or anybody else. Awww who really wants to scold a kid like her?

Having them in my life, making me want mine too ;P Lol, but it is way too far in the future, kot? Siapa tahu ajal datang menjemput, sebelum jodoh datang menyinggah? ( Yea I heard this from a friend).  Let’s pray for the best and the best planner is Allah SWT 🙂

To Angah and Abang Man, you two are good parents and partner. May Allah bless your family and be happily ever after. Aamiin 🙂


Hello again!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Finally, after 8 months.. I got to update this blog! *pheww* and now..I’ve finished matriculation programme like..2 or 3 weeks ago? I don’t really remember because I reaaaally enjoying my holiday!

Yeah, absolutely like this happy monkey 

Right after unpacking all the hostel stuffs ( which is 1 week after leaving the college), Mama asked me to continue learning to get my driving license. Haih, I can’t even catch a break ( well actually I’ve got enough holiday already hahaha). Then I realised that my L license has expired for 9 months! Lama gila tak drive, yeah because last time I drove a car and got scolded by abang JPJ. Hope that I can pass this time, aamiin ya rabbal ‘alamiin.

Nothing fun and exciting happened……actually..

Here you go my awkward ending -___-

Much loves, bye!

The Beauty is YOU

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I was on my busy mode last week, so yeah I’m sorry for not posting anything last week 😦

Luckily I have something to share with y’all on this blessed Friday 🙂


This story began when I put on some compact powder during Zuhr break. I think that is normal to put on some compact powder/talcum to cover up your oily face after facing half of tiring day. But their reactions was like…

Huyooo you put some makeup on!

Dah cantik dah tuuu

And when I offered them to put on the powder too….

Eh it’s okay. I’m natural enough to put those on. *smirk*


I keep smiling and continue putting on the ‘makeup’. But what my mind kept saying is..

Eeyeerrrkk!! 10000000000x

What on earth are you to say that!?? Chill lah wei! It is not even a heavy makeup, It just some talcum powder! My real intention is not to make my face prettier than you, it is to get rid the uncomfortable feeling of myself for having an oily face all the time!

Well, when you really said that…I’m kinda offended. Just like you’re saying that I put on the compact powder to cover up my flaws and being a plastic. (Emo sudah)

Having an oily-pimples everywhere-face is not easy to take care of especially when you’re having allergies and stress intolerance. So you people, pleaseeeeeeee keep your mouth from saying all of those ridiculous things to the people like us! You don’t feel what we’re going through.

I’ve once lose my confidence. And now you want me to lose it again?

People should be sensitive when saying things like that. Don’t ever think that no one will get touched by your action. Correction, words.

Naaa, no wonder there are certain people (especially girls) that have skin problems being soooooo shy to stand out among their friends! Oh why..

Senang cerita, if you see your friend(s) put some makeup on, just let them be!
And if you want to make a comment, YES YOU MAY! but in PROPER MANNER, please 🙂

Maybe you can lighten a bit your’ll make you look younger sayang..          🙂

Susah sangat ke?

We are on the same boat, girls. Tegur menegurlah, tapi berpada-pada. Bukan main terjah saja sampai terguris hati dan sanubari orang tu, huhuhu.


    The last time I wear heavy makeup. LOL, Eximius Night (11 Oct 2014)


     Now I only have these! (Ha ha ha)

Till we meet again!

*p/s: Please search for ‘You Look Disgusting’ on Youtube and enjoy!



Up and Down we go

Assalamualaikum and hi.

This suppose to-be-happy week doesn’t went like what I expected to be.

Mama, if you ever read this..

I started losing my focus in class. I don’t even know how to solve the tutorial question by myself. I keep asking from the classmates//roommates the answer without trying to answer it again and with harder effort! Only Allah knows what I feel when asking for the answers and the solution from them. I feel embarrassed enough because I know that I can do it by myself, but it turned out to be a lazy me.

Mama, what have I done..

At this point, I feel like I’m going down. Down to the deepest feeling I’ve ever had. Sometimes I dont feel like I am having any problems, but… I felt that my pace begin to slow down a bit.

I started to realise that my focus had thrown far away in the biology class– which is my favourite sub compared to Physics.

“You seems like losing your focus nowadays..what happened to you? ”

Guess who is the really concern person? Shy to say, that person is my lecturer.


Is that too obvious?

Where on earth I live before?



And thanks to Allah the Almighty, I found this.

Bijak..cuma tak bernasib baik.

Certain people don’t get what most people get- education and attention from the loved ones.

I should be grateful as I get the chances  to build a better life– by gaining the knowledge that we’ll use for lifetime…

It’s the time to change!


Ya Allah, please give me strength, courage and wisdom. Aamiin.


Assalamualaikum and hi!

I’ve been thinking about blogging again after seeing most of my friends keep updating their recently life, hobbies and university/college they went. you are!


My life after the SPM went well as other post-SPM students do (except for achieving any goals during the looooong holiday).

» To make the story short, I got an offer to study at Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (also known as Politeknik Shah Alam) in Medical Electronic Engineering! What makes me happier is that place is just 15 mins from home! *yeayyy* But…I failed the JPJ test before… So I was desperate in needing the hostel which I don’t deserve to *sigh* *cries internally*

I decided to wait for the rayuan matrikulasi.

Alhamdulillah, Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor is beyond happy for having me there 😛


        View from my room (4th floor)

Cantik kan? Yup, my room is on the fourth floor! Nasiblah nak It’s okay! I SURVIVED!!! (not-so honest statement)

At first, climbing up the stairs was soooooo tiring and made me get up to my room only once a day. Worry no more, I’ve built some muscles after 3 months there hehehe.

The people.

Most of ’em are amazing especially the roommates..


  Diyana, Ng Zhi Man, me, and Afiqah.

the classmates… [SM1K4T2]


                 3 boys < 16 girls


               So let the girls rule!

and the Juliet, Julianna.


       From the room next door hihihi

All of ’em made me feel that I am not alone. You really need huge support if you wanna survive and success in matrics. I am so grateful that I found them! (Insert big love emoticon here hehehe)

‘We’ll get through this together, insyaAllah “- F


Favourite place to be?

Surau as-Sufi!
» the place where I seek for calmness when having a bad day (instead of eating)
» the place where I get some rest after classes
» Nice to be here when it’s raining outside~


Night view (on the way to the library)


                The main attraction



                  The muslimat zone


          Can you feel the calmness?

It is fun to be here, alhamdulillah.


                 Biology fun time!


              Yummy red jelly blood


   Chemistry lab partner, Prof. Sindhu


           Can you spot the difference?


    Consultation hours with Ust. Zailani


               That happy face tho.

No comment for the foods. (Sebab tak sempat snap pics hahaha)


  “You haven’t seen the best of me, I’m still working on my masterpiece”

Now you know that I’m okay here. Sekian, terima kasih \(^~^)/

*p/s: Hurray for my first post! Just thinking that I will update every friday, insyaAllah 🙂