My happy Sunday

When Sunday become sooo boring and it is too hot to stay outdoor..and Mama kinda missing her grandchildren, so we visited Angah and Abang Man with their two daughters, Amal Sufi and Amal Awatif in Segamat.

We rarely visit them as life is getting hectic lately. Before that, we went shopping for colouring books and sets of colouring pencils for them. As an aunt, I’m truly excited that Sufi will go to school next year! (eventhough she’ll going for kindergarten only) Haha, silly me.


We have no picture of Awatif because she was busy crying and keep ignoring us. Then we have to leave early at 6 pm to avoid traffic jam on Seremban-Nilai highway *sobs* Imma sad auntie 😦


Reached home at 9 pm and I received an image from Angah the next morning.

Semangat betul Sufi ni!

You make me a proud auntie, Sufi!

I honestly feels that she’ll going to be a great person one day. She’s smart, zany and talkative. Lol, I mean soooo talkative kind of kid.

Angah once told me that Sufi will always said ‘ Sabar Mummy..’ with her cute smile whenever Angah is angry to her or anybody else. Awww who really wants to scold a kid like her?

Having them in my life, making me want mine too ;P Lol, but it is way too far in the future, kot? Siapa tahu ajal datang menjemput, sebelum jodoh datang menyinggah? ( Yea I heard this from a friend). Β Let’s pray for the best and the best planner is Allah SWT πŸ™‚

To Angah and Abang Man, you two are good parents and partner. May Allah bless your family and be happily ever after. Aamiin πŸ™‚



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