The Beauty is YOU

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I was on my busy mode last week, so yeah I’m sorry for not posting anything last week 😦

Luckily I have something to share with y’all on this blessed Friday 🙂


This story began when I put on some compact powder during Zuhr break. I think that is normal to put on some compact powder/talcum to cover up your oily face after facing half of tiring day. But their reactions was like…

Huyooo you put some makeup on!

Dah cantik dah tuuu

And when I offered them to put on the powder too….

Eh it’s okay. I’m natural enough to put those on. *smirk*


I keep smiling and continue putting on the ‘makeup’. But what my mind kept saying is..

Eeyeerrrkk!! 10000000000x

What on earth are you to say that!?? Chill lah wei! It is not even a heavy makeup, It just some talcum powder! My real intention is not to make my face prettier than you, it is to get rid the uncomfortable feeling of myself for having an oily face all the time!

Well, when you really said that…I’m kinda offended. Just like you’re saying that I put on the compact powder to cover up my flaws and being a plastic. (Emo sudah)

Having an oily-pimples everywhere-face is not easy to take care of especially when you’re having allergies and stress intolerance. So you people, pleaseeeeeeee keep your mouth from saying all of those ridiculous things to the people like us! You don’t feel what we’re going through.

I’ve once lose my confidence. And now you want me to lose it again?

People should be sensitive when saying things like that. Don’t ever think that no one will get touched by your action. Correction, words.

Naaa, no wonder there are certain people (especially girls) that have skin problems being soooooo shy to stand out among their friends! Oh why..

Senang cerita, if you see your friend(s) put some makeup on, just let them be!
And if you want to make a comment, YES YOU MAY! but in PROPER MANNER, please 🙂

Maybe you can lighten a bit your’ll make you look younger sayang..          🙂

Susah sangat ke?

We are on the same boat, girls. Tegur menegurlah, tapi berpada-pada. Bukan main terjah saja sampai terguris hati dan sanubari orang tu, huhuhu.


    The last time I wear heavy makeup. LOL, Eximius Night (11 Oct 2014)


     Now I only have these! (Ha ha ha)

Till we meet again!

*p/s: Please search for ‘You Look Disgusting’ on Youtube and enjoy!




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