Up and Down we go

Assalamualaikum and hi.

This suppose to-be-happy week doesn’t went like what I expected to be.

Mama, if you ever read this..

I started losing my focus in class. I don’t even know how to solve the tutorial question by myself. I keep asking from the classmates//roommates the answer without trying to answer it again and with harder effort! Only Allah knows what I feel when asking for the answers and the solution from them. I feel embarrassed enough because I know that I can do it by myself, but it turned out to be a lazy me.

Mama, what have I done..

At this point, I feel like I’m going down. Down to the deepest feeling I’ve ever had. Sometimes I dont feel like I am having any problems, but… I felt that my pace begin to slow down a bit.

I started to realise that my focus had thrown far away in the biology class– which is my favourite sub compared to Physics.

“You seems like losing your focus nowadays..what happened to you? ”

Guess who is the really concern person? Shy to say, that person is my lecturer.


Is that too obvious?

Where on earth I live before?



And thanks to Allah the Almighty, I found this.

Bijak..cuma tak bernasib baik.

Certain people don’t get what most people get- education and attention from the loved ones.

I should be grateful as I get the chances  to build a better life– by gaining the knowledge that we’ll use for lifetime…

It’s the time to change!


Ya Allah, please give me strength, courage and wisdom. Aamiin.


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